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Centralized  Prefilter - Maelstorm

Centralized Prefilter - Maelstorm

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Maelstrom’s advanced design combines super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment efficiency to give you cleaner rainwater and more of it.
noun/ mael-storm/ 'mal-stram , -sträm
: a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius

Get cleaner water in your tank
Maelstrom On-Tank’s ultra-fine secondary filter removes particles down to 180 microns – 5 times finer than standard rain heads and pre-tank filters. This gives you cleaner, better quality water and lowers the volume of sediment putting pressure on your tank pumps and post-tank filters.

Get more water, faster
Maelstrom On-Tank eliminates the problem of water splashing off your tank inlet screen, especially at high flow rates. Its phenomenal water catchment efficiency (96% at 3,600 litres/hour in wet systems) gives you more water, faster, so you can take full advantage of every raindrop.

Get water effortlessly
Maelstrom On-Tank’s initial 2mm filter diverts leaves and debris which are then flushed out during rainfall events. Because the revolutionary design is low-maintenance with no mechanical parts, it does this with minimal effort from you.

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