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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Design Services

We offer Commercial consulting services purchased in 90 Minute increments.  Get answers to all your rainwater harvesting questions with a Water Resources Engineering Technologist. 

Tank Sizing Software 
Our computer software uses 55 years of daily, location specific, rainfall data to determine how various tank sizes will perform.  Based on your specific: Location, Collection Area, and Daily Water Use.  

Feasibility Report 
In Depth feasibility study to forecast your ROI (Return On Investment) based off the capital cost estimate for the entire project and your annual rainwater product harvested and used (Not lost to overflow events).

Design Services
We provide a full drafting set of your building and our integrated rainwater system.  The design includes mechanical schematic, sizing based off 15min - 25 year storm event, tank sizing service. 

Engineering Services
We provide engineering services for rainwater harvesting system for commercial projects.
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