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Rainwater Phone Consultation 30 min - Residential

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Part Number:RWDRPC
Discuss design ideas with a professional Water Resources Engineering Technologist. Ask questions, get answers to any and all design questions. Service offered by Cleanflo Water Technologies.

Who Uses This Service?
  • Anyone who doesn't know where to start! Our design services allows you to have a “tender ready” rainwater design package so you can get quotes from your builder or contractors. Or have Cleanflo Water Technologies handle the installation.
  • Homeowners who are building a new house! Our designs will makes sure the system meets local building codes and is properly integration into your house/property.
  • Architects and Engineers who are planning on designing a rainwater harvesting system into their project.
  • Home builders or Contractors who have clients that want a rainwater harvesting system.

Why choose Rainwater Collection & Cleanflo Water Technologies ?
  • Professional Designs
  • Opportunity to determine any roadblocks before installation
  • Designed to meet your water conservation needs
  • Accurate installation budget for the designed rainwater harvesting system
  • We offer installation services to have you project complete by the design team!