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Rainwater Tank Sizing Service - Residential

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Part Number:RWTSR
By analyzing 55 years of location specific rainfall data, we can determine the potential volume of rainwater that is actually usable based on:
  • Rainfall Historical Data
  • Rainwater Requirements (Demand)
  • Tank Size
In real world scenarios you can never reach ‘maximum potential’ as there is loss from the roof, pre-filter, and tank overflow events. Furthermore, the size of your tank and how much water is used daily from the tank play an important role in determining how much rainwater you can actually collect and use. Actual useable rainwater forms the basis for determine Return On Investment, as tanks are the single most costly item in a rainwater harvesting system, determining the smallest tank size that will collect the most water based on the three criteria listed above, will significantly impact the total cost of your rainwater harvesting system.