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Rainwater UV System - For toilets, laundry and outdoor chores.

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  • Made in Canada
  • UV Disinfection Sterilizers ensure that your drinking water is safe. 
  • Bacterial contamination can be present in all water supplies – especially in areas without access to treated municipal water systems.
  • Rain, Well or lake water should not be consumed without adequate microbiological treatment, regardless of how it is tested.
  • UV Disinfection Sterilizers protect your family by sterilizing water and neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses so they can no longer reproduce.
  • This system is a great non-chemical alternative to chlorination and imparts no residual chemicals in drinking water.
  • Water treatment system with 6, 8, 10 and 13 gallon-per-minute water throughput. 
  • This system comes completely assembled to be installed quickly.
  • Designed for rain harvesting treatment, in point of entry installations in homes, businesses and indusrty.