Design Services

We offer professional design and consulting services for rainwater harvesting systems on residential and commercial projects. We specialize in rainwater harvesting systems that are used for irrigation, toilet, laundry, potable drinking water, fire suppression and stormwater detention.

Too often many rainwater harvesting systems are either not designed or under designed. Usually we see a few lines and circle drawn on the plans to account for a “designed” rainwater harvesting system, then it’s put on the builder or contractor to install! Which does not even come close to a properly designed rainwater harvesting system. Resulting in cost overruns or even cutting the rainwater harvesting system from the project all together from improper planning.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting Design Services
We offer a streamlined flat fee approach to professionally designed and drafted rainwater harvesting system. designs. All out rainwater harvesting systems are Pre-Engineered so our design service is focused around properly integrating our system with our unique home or building.
Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Design Services
We offer a full consult and design services for small or large commercial rainwater harvesting projects. If your not ready for a full design we can provide a detailed feasibility study to forecast your ROI (Return On Investment) based off the capital cost estimate for the entire project and your annual rainwater product harvested and used (Not lost to overflow events).