1500 litre rain tank / barrel British Columbia - rainwater harvesting tank - product image

Polyethylene Above Ground Slim Line Tank

(500 L - 1800 L)

above ground low-profile rainwater tank - Regina, Newfoundland, Hamilton - product image

Polyethylene Above Ground Low Profile Tank

(500 L - 9500 L)

Polyethylene Above Ground Vertical Tank

(400 L - 40,000 L)

above ground metal rainwater tank Alberta - product image

Steel Above Ground Vertical Tank

(4000 L - 400,000 L)

Rainseeker Maximus

Your Ultimate Rainwater and Stormwater Collection Solution

Unlock the power of nature with the Rainseeker Maximus Plug n Play Rainwater Collection System! Designed for seamless integration with any building, this rainwater harvesting system harnesses the abundant resource of rainwater to meet  your water needs. With its cutting-edge technology, the Rainseeker Maximus ensures a maintenance-free rainwater collection experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your rainwater tank and hello to a sustainable water source that’s suitable for any purpose.

Cleanflo Rainwater Harvesting System

A Proactive Approach to Water Quality

Our Rainseeker Maximus system employs a proactive preventive approach to ensure the highest water quality. By reducing initial contaminants in the rainwater, we eliminate the need for extensive retroactive treatment, making rainwater an economical and sustainable choice.

why rain seeker maximus?
underground 6000l rainwater harvesting tank top Newfoundland and Labrador - product image

Polyethylene Below Ground Tank

(1200 L - 6700 L)

Polyethylene Below Ground Tank

Polyethylene Below Ground Tank

(1200 L - 6700 L)

What does the Rainseeker Maximus do?

How to create a complete Rainwater or Stormwater Harvesting System

Rainwater/Stormwater harvesting Two Technologies, One Goal

Rainwater Collection

Rainseeker Maximus

Embrace the art of collecting rainwater and storm water with an engineered system from Cleanflo.

1 - Collect

2 - Prefilter

3 - Store

Pumping and Treatment

Vida One Water Reuse

Pump, filter and Control your stored rainwater to make it safe for a variety of uses for non-potable purposes in your building.

4 - Reuse

diagram showing Rainseeker Maximus and Vida One Water Reuse systems implemented into a building

Special Features

Surge System

The rainwater surge system redefines rainwater and stormwater management, providing an efficient way to collect precipitation centrally and pump it to the primary storage tank. This approach reduces the need for large pipes, saving costs and streamlining infrastructure. Traditionally, gravity flow systems are used for rainwater and stormwater collection, but they have limitations in optimizing water collection. The surge system strategically collects water near downpipes, then uses pumps to transport it to the main tank, ensuring efficient capture regardless of location. The surge system is versatile, addressing elevation differences by pumping water to higher levels when needed.

Storm Detection

Introducing StormDetection software by Cleanflo.  revolutionizing rainwater recycling and stormwater management.

StormDetection leverages real-time weather data for proactive, efficient control, combining stormwater management with rainwater harvesting to set new environmental and cost standards.

StormDetection redefines how we use rainwater, optimizing reuse, minimizing harmful discharge, and enhancing flood resilience. Its cutting-edge technology analyzes weather forecasts and local data, ensuring tanks are ready for incoming storms. This is accomplished by pumping or draining out enough stored water to allow sufficient space for the incoming storm, preventing flooding, and maximizing rainwater capture.

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