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Non Potable UV System



Non Potable UV System

● Made in Canada
● UV Disinfection Sterilizers ensure that your drinking water is safe.
● Bacterial contamination can be present in all water supplies –
especially in areas without access to treated municipal water
● Rain, Well or lake water should not be consumed without adequate
microbiological treatment, regardless of how it is tested.
● UV Disinfection Sterilizers protect your family by sterilizing water and
neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses so they can no longer
● This system is a great non-chemical alternative to chlorination and
imparts no residual chemicals in drinking water.
● Water treatment system with 6, 8, 10 and 13 gallon-per-minute water
● This system comes completely assembled to be installed quickly.
● Designed for rain harvesting treatment, in point of entry installations
in homes, businesses and industry.
MODELS – Flow Rates ● Includes:
○ UV Stainless Steel Sanitation Chamber
○ Transformer 120VAC
○ UV Bulb 9000 hour life (1 year)
○ UV Quartz Sleeve

● 6gpm @ 30mJ/cmsq (4.5 gpm @ 40mJ/cmsq) – $402.00
● 8gpm @ 30mJ/cmsq (6 gpm @ 40mJ/cmsq) – $459.60
● 10gpm @ 30mJ/cmsq (8 gpm @ 40mJ/cmsq) – $504.62
● 13gpm @ 30mJ/cmsq (10 gpm @ 40mJ/cmsq) – $612.07
What Type of UV is Right for Me?
● For toilets and laundry where there is a minimal risk of human contact
○ UV (class b) with a minimum of 16 mJ/cmsq is required.
○ 5 micron sediment and 10 micron carbon pre filter
● For outdoor chores (Pressure washing, automated sprinklers, etc)
where high risk of human contact
○ UV (class B) with a minium of 30mJ/cmsq is required
○ 5 micron sediment and 10 micron carbon pre filter
● For bathing, showering, drinking, cooking, potable use.
○ UV (class A, NSF 55) with a minium of 40mJ/cmsq is required
○ 5 micron sediment and 10 micron carbon and 1 micron absolute pre filter is REQUIRED

● Made in Canada
● 120VAC
● The 30mj/cm2 dose is ideal for general disinfection and can also be
set for 40mj/cm2 with a flow restrictor.
● The design of the UV facilitates the need for a system with basic
features in a popular flow rate.
● The UV was designed using sophisticated computer modeling
software and then verified by independent third party testing using accepted bio-dosimetry methods by GAP Enviro Microbial Services.


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