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Above Ground Rainwater Tank (Slimline)


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Above Ground Rainwater Tank Fits through a door !

Clean-Flo’s Above Ground Rainwater Tank rainwater tanks are produced with food grade polyethylene and provide suitable storage for potable (drinking) water or liquid fertilizer. With a tensile strength of 3000 psi these tanks are capable of a tremendous amount of internal pressure.


  • 10 Year Warranty !
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Will not rust, rot, or corrode
  • 100% Watertight – Single piece construction
  • Mosquito and Insect proof
  • Most economical rainwater storage solution.
  • Made of virgin polyethylene of food grade quality.
  • Complete, safe, reliable rainwater harvesting tank
  • of Above Ground Rainwater Tank Installation service available across Canada contact CLEANFLO WATER TECHNOLOGIES to find your local installer.

A family of 4 can use hundreds of thousands of litres of water a years, and with water rates constantly on the rise, it’s time to invest in a permanent solution. Make your water go further and keep your home supplied with the ultra durable, stylish and efficient slimline rainwater tanks

It is a self-supporting vertical tank suitable for storing rainwater for use in gardens, farms, stables, etc.

Available in 6 colors: BL=Blue,BR= Brown,GR= Green, GY = Grey, TA = Tan, BK =Black.


Model US Gallon Liters Lid Size Bottom Connection Colour Options Dimensions Cost
HSL270 270 1022 8” 1.0” FPT BL,BR, GR, GY, TA, BK 30″ W, 48″ L, 66”H $1390
HSL360 360 1362 8” 1.0” FPT BL,BR, GR, GY, TA, BK 30″ W, 48″ L, 7 ”H $1480



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