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Steel Rainwater Tank

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Steel Rainwater Tank is for above ground Use ONLY!

Clean-Flo’s Rainwater tanks are produced with food grade polyethylene and provide suitable storage for potable (drinking) water.


  • Ships anywhere in Canada!
  • Complete, safe, reliable rainwater harvesting tank
  • Engineered roof.
  • Engineered tank.
  • 100% Water Tight.
  • NSF 61 Potable Water Storage Liner.
  • LP-40 Geo-Textile Pre-Liner.
  • Installation service of steel rainwater tank available across Canada contact Cleanflo Water Technologies to find your local installer.
  • Liquid Storage Tanks consisting of pre rolled and pre punched G115 corrugated steel panels.
  • Also, included a geotextile pre-liner,
  • NSF 61/ ANSI approved flexible interior sealing
  • Several variable flange fitting sizes and various tank roof design options.
  • Each Steel rainwater tank is built onsite and anchored to a concrete foundation or sit on a compacted sand foundation.


Model US Gallon Liters Lid Size Bottom Connection Dimensions Cost
ST1500 1535 5810 16” 2.0” FPT 72″ D, 109”H $595
ST2300 2302 8714 16” 2.0” FPT 72″ D, 153”H $595
ST3000 3069 11619 16” 3.0” FPT 72″ D, 197”H $595
ST3450 3453 13071 16” 3.0” FPT 108″ D, 120”H $595
                         Many Many Sizes up to 100,000 USG Contact Today for price !


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