Ellie Condos in North York - product information

Cleanflo has introduced an innovative Vida One Water Reuse system at Ellie Condos, designed specifically to repurpose rainwater for toilet flushing within the building. This state-of-the-art system incorporates several advanced features, including a self-cleaning backwashing screen filter and chlorine injection with a contact tank for effective oxidation, followed by a media filter that serves as the final stage of water treatment. These components work together seamlessly to ensure the rainwater is purified to a high standard, suitable for use in the building’s toilets. The media filters are equipped with automatic backwashing capabilities, significantly reducing the need for manual maintenance and ensuring the system operates efficiently without regular interventions.

The treated water is stored in dedicated tanks, ready to be distributed throughout Ellie Condos as needed. This is facilitated by duplex high-powered booster pumps, which ensure that water pressure is maintained and that treated water can be delivered on demand, whenever the building requires it. This system represents a significant step forward in sustainable building practices, offering a practical solution to reduce dependency on municipal water supplies by leveraging rainwater for non-potable uses within the condominium.

Ellie Condos in North York - rainwater harvesting



Implementing the Vida One Water Reuse system at Ellie Condos brings several notable benefits. It not only conserves valuable water resources by reusing rainwater but also reduces the building’s overall water consumption costs. The advanced treatment process, including oxidation and filtration, ensures that the reused water meets safety standards for non-potable use, thereby contributing to the building’s environmental sustainability goals. Moreover, the system’s design for minimal maintenance reduces the long-term operational costs and labor associated with water treatment. This initiative underscores Ellie Condos’ commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions that enhance the living experience for its residents while promoting responsible water use and management.

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