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Welcome to the Rainwater Collection Supply shop. Our goal is to provide you with every option you need to start and finish building your rainwater harvesting system. We sell many individual parts for most projects you may have. As well, we provide full kits & packages for a simpler shopping and installation experience.

Thank you for choosing Rain Water Collection Supply for your rain harvesting shopping needs!

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Bring Your Own Tank

Harvesting systems in a kit that will adapt to any rainwater tank quickly and effectively.

Don’t have a tank? No worries we have many rain harvesting tank options as well!!

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3 Revolutionary Rainwater Prefilter Technologies

Designed to prefilter Rainwater before storing In a Rainwater Tank. Rainwater filtration is an essential step in any rainwater harvesting operation! At Rainwater Collection Supply shop we provide many different types of prefilters designed specifically to meet your needs!

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3 Types of Rainwater Pumps

Designed for safe and cost effective Rainwater Pumping. At Rainwater Collection Supply we have a certifed team dedicated to the repair of DAB pumps.

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Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

Use our premium accessories to help adapt your Rainwater Harvesting System to any situation.

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6 Types of Rainwater Tanks

Designed for safe and cost effective rainwater storing.

We have many options for rainwater storage. Above or below ground, we have you covered!

rainwater collection treatment system including 2 big blue filter housings and a Lumior U/V

Rainwater is Pure and Treating it Can be Simple.

U/V systems and kits designed specifically for rainwater collection and treatment. We use and sell only the most trusted brands in rainwater technology.

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Certified Controls, Professional Designs & Builds

Controls for your rain harvesting system.

Designed and built by our in house team at Rainwater Collection Supply Shop!

Plug and Play! – Simple install!

Start automating your rainwater harvesting now!!

Looking for Installation & Professionally Designed System?

As the authorized dealer of Cleanflo Water Technologies Rainwater Harvesting Systems, we offer: Rain Seeker, Rain Seeker Maximus, Vida Rainwater Appliance, Cleanflo NSF P151 Potable Roofing and Gutters, and much more !

Visit Cleanflo Water Technologies Inc. For a Free Quote Today. Click the Icon Below!

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Canadian Manufactured Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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