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Thousands of DAB pumps and products are sold every year in Canada. But, who do you talk to about service and DAB pump repair? DAB systems are a very high quality product. Similar to any product with moving parts a DAB pump will need some level of service and possibly even repair given a long enough time in the field. We can diagnose and fix any problems you encounter with your DAB pump or system.

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When you purchase a DABs pump you instantly get 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.   As well Rainwater Collection Supply will provide you with a 1-year extended warranty for no extra cost.

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We offer a flat rate diagnosis which includes a full tear down and basic cleaning of the pump. Pricing depends on the pump model.

If no parts require replacement then the pump will be returned clean and in working condition.

If any parts need to be replaced they will be replaced under warranty, and the diagnosis fee will be refunded.

If the pump is not under warranty then we will contact you to confirm you want to proceed and price of the replacement part will be added to the diagnosis fee.

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