King Animal Hospital - Well Water Treatment Plant

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Cleanflo embarked on a unique project to address the challenge of low-producing wells at a specific location, where the groundwater hydrology limited the wells to outputs of only 20 and 14 gallons per minute (gpm), respectively. Given that the building’s demand was 60 gpm, a sophisticated solution was required. Cleanflo’s answer was the Sanitas well water treatment plant, ingeniously designed to pump water from two separate wells on the property, alternating between them based on runtime to manage the supply efficiently. This system included a triple-stage treatment process tailored to the specific contamination issues of the well water, including carbon filtration for color and taste, Brim for iron removal, and a softener ion exchange system for hardness. This thoughtful design ensured a continuous supply of treated water, despite the wells’ limited yield.

The Sanitas treatment system not only addressed the challenge of low water production but also ensured that the water quality met the highest standards before usage. After undergoing the initial treatment stages, the water was stored in treated water storage tanks within the building. To meet the demand whenever water was called for, duplex booster pumps were automatically activated, pumping water from the storage tanks through a dual ultraviolet (UV) system certified by NSF 55, which provided an additional layer of purification. This comprehensive approach to water treatment exemplified Cleanflo’s commitment to innovative, customized solutions that cater to the unique challenges posed by the site’s groundwater conditions and the building’s high water demand.



The benefits of implementing the Sanitas well water treatment plant are significant, offering a sustainable and efficient solution to water scarcity challenges faced by properties with low-producing wells. By optimizing the available water supply through a strategic pumping schedule and advanced treatment processes, the system ensures a consistent and reliable water source. The high-quality treatment, including carbon filtration, iron removal, and hardness reduction, followed by UV sterilization, guarantees that the water is safe and pleasant for consumption and use within the building. This initiative not only enhances the property’s functionality and resilience but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and the health and well-being of the occupants, providing a blueprint for similar challenges in water-restricted environments.

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