LSCR: Administration Building: Non-Potable - Toilets

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve: Vancouver, British Columbia - product information

Cleanflo has implemented an innovative water management solution at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Administration Building, situated near Canada’s largest direct filtration water treatment plant, Capilano. This project features four distinct systems, with the initial two designed to supply non-potable water for flushing toilets on site. These systems utilize a Rainseeker Maximus above-ground steel tank to harvest rainwater from half of the building’s roof area. The collected rainwater is then drawn into the building through a self-priming booster pump and undergoes filtration through duplex cartridge filters housed in stainless steel. Subsequent UV disinfection ensures the water’s safety before it’s stored in a 100 US gallon treated water storage tank, ready for use in flushing toilets. The system is engineered to automatically refill the treated water tank with municipal water if the levels drop, guaranteeing a continuous supply while prioritizing rainwater.

The design of the water reuse systems at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Administration Building is tailored to maximize efficiency and sustainability. By employing a single booster pump capable of delivering up to 50 gallons per minute, the system efficiently meets the water demand for toilet flushing. Furthermore, an advanced monitoring system keeps track of the rainwater tank’s level, providing real-time volume readings of the available water in the external steel tank. This level of automation and precision ensures that the building can efficiently manage its water resources, seamlessly switching between rainwater and city water as needed to maintain a consistent supply.



The benefits of Cleanflo’s systems at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Administration Building are substantial. Firstly, by utilizing rainwater for toilet flushing, the building significantly reduces its reliance on municipal water supplies, contributing to water conservation efforts and lowering utility costs. The system’s ability to automatically switch to city water ensures reliability, while prioritizing rainwater usage aligns with sustainable environmental practices. Additionally, real-time monitoring of water levels enhances operational efficiency, allowing for proactive management of the building’s water resources. This project not only demonstrates Cleanflo’s expertise in delivering advanced water management solutions but also serves as a model for integrating sustainable practices in infrastructure development, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

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