OSSTF Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

OSSTF: Ontario Secondary School: North York, Ontario - product information

Cleanflo delivered two Vida One Water Reuse systems to the new headquarters of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) in North York, Ontario, aligning with the project’s ambition to embody the one water approach by valuing all water sources. Set against the scenic backdrop of the Don Valley ravine, this groundbreaking facility is designed to be a model of sustainability, financial viability, and innovation. Targeting LEED Platinum certification, Cleanflo’s contribution includes one system dedicated to repurposing rainwater for toilets and urinals, and another exclusively for irrigation purposes. The integration of these systems reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and showcases the building’s advanced approach to sustainable design.

The toilet and urinal system features an innovative ozone injection process to rigorously oxidize collected rainwater, ensuring its pristine quality for use within the building. This meticulous treatment process culminates in the storage of the treated water in dedicated tanks, ready for distribution throughout the facility. By implementing these Vida One Water Reuse systems, Cleanflo has provided the OSSTF headquarters with a sophisticated solution that supports the building’s goals under the one water approach and complements its sustainable architecture. The attention to detail in water treatment underscores the project’s broader environmental objectives and Cleanflo’s role in facilitating a greener future for institutional buildings.



The installation of Cleanflo’s Vida One Water Reuse systems at the OSSTF headquarters brings forth a myriad of benefits, reinforcing the building’s commitment to the one water approach by valuing all water sources and its pursuit of LEED Platinum certification. By utilizing rainwater for toilets, urinals, and irrigation, the project significantly reduces potable water demand, aligning with the one water approach’s goals. The ozone treatment ensures the highest water quality, protecting health while reducing reliance on municipal water supplies. This forward-thinking approach not only demonstrates environmental leadership but also sets a precedent for sustainable development in educational and institutional settings. Through Cleanflo’s innovative water management solutions, the OSSTF headquarters stands as a beacon of sustainability, showcasing the practical and environmental advantages of integrating advanced water reuse technologies.

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