NSF 55 Certified, UV System Only (7.9 GPM @ 40mJ)

Discover the Future of Water Purification with LUMINOR’s Trio Rack-Mounted UV Water Treatment Systems

Elevate your water treatment experience with LUMINOR’s cutting-edge NSF 55 Certified,  UV System Only  (7.9 GPM @ 40mJ)

. Designed for unparalleled convenience and efficiency, these systems redefine simplicity in installation with an innovative “in & out” connection – a true all-in-one package.

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UV System NSF Certified Key Features:

💧 Versatile Flow Rates: Engineered to treat flow rates of 8 and 15 gallons per minute, LUMINOR’s Trio Rack-Mounted UV Filtration Systems cater to diverse water consumption needs, ensuring a constant supply of purified water.

💧 Comprehensive Filtration: Benefit from a 5-micron pre-treatment capability, and choose the optional full-flow carbon filter. This additional feature effectively addresses taste and odor concerns, scale reduction, and incorporates a backwashable filter for a thorough water purification process.

💧 Streamlined Installation: Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional installations. LUMINOR’s UV water filtration system boasts a user-friendly design, allowing feedwater to enter the filters seamlessly from either the right or left side of the unit.

💧 Future-Ready Design: Building on LUMINOR’s modular UV water treatment systems, the rack-mount UVs are “factory ready” for future enhancements. The systems can effortlessly integrate a UV intensity module whenever desired, ensuring your water treatment solution evolves with your needs.

💧 BLACKCOMB Plug and Play Platform: Experience unmatched control with the BLACKCOMB plug-and-play platform. The system’s controller features a vibrant color user interface, providing a wealth of screens displaying diagnostics, system status, and warnings. Stay informed and in control of your water treatment process effortlessly.


Flow Rate
(@ 30 mJ/cm²)*

8.0 gpm
30 lpm
1.8 m³/hr

1st Filter Housing

5 micron sediment

2nd Filter Housing

high-capacity carbon

Port Size



90-265V / 50-60Hz

Plug Type

American: Nema 5/15

Lamp Watts

20 (standard-output lamp)

Power (watts)

23 (21 @ 230V)

Chamber Material

316L Stainless Steel, A249 Pressure Rated Tubing, Polished & Passivated

Replacement Lamp


Replacement Sleeve


Reactor Dimensions

3.5 x 20.0″
(8.9 x 50.8 cm)

Controller Dimensions

6.8 x 3.6 x 4″ (171.5 x 92.1 x 102 mm)

Maximum Operating Pressure

0.7-8.3 bar (10-120 psi)

Operating Temperature Range

2-40° C (36-104° F)

UV Monitor


Solenoid Output


4-20 mA Output


Lamp Change Reminder (audible & visual)


Lamp-Out Indicator (audible & visual)


Shipping Weight

16.6 kg (36.6 lbs)


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Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg


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