WISY 4″ Multifunction Overflow Device

Too much water and it wont stop raining? The WISY 4″ Multifunction Overflow Device gathers and diverts excess rainwater to ground or drain.

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WISY 4″ Multifunction Overflow Device

In the event that your rainwater tank is full and additional rain continues to enter, the system would overflow. Therefore a tank overflow outlet pipe of equal or greater volume than any inlet pipe(s), is used to discharge overflow rainwater to grade, storm sewer system, infiltration gallery, or sump/lift chamber. The angled skimming overflow pipe inside the tank will remove floating debris from the water surface. A ball float back-flow prevention device is used to prevent backup of water, as well as unwanted debris and vermin from entering the rainwater tank. This device is located inside the rainwater tank.


Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. For connection to the tank overflow (DN 100). Surface debris removed by skimming effect. Prevents storm drain odours from reaching the storage tank. Brace pipe prevents tilting or tipping. Large siphon volume 6 l (1.5 US gallons).

How to install the Multifunction?

The installation of the Multifunction is very simple, just follow these 2-3 steps:

💧 Connect the Multifunction to the overflow pipe DN 100

💧 Put the brace pipe below into place to prevent tilting or tipping

💧 Models with integrated backflow prevention: Use the retaining clamp to secure the connection between Multisiphon and overflow pipe



Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 15 cm


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