RCMP: Ottawa

RCMP Ottawa - product information, Water Reuse system

Cleanflo has successfully implemented a Vida One Water Reuse system at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) facilities in Ottawa, specifically designed for toilet flushing applications. This innovative system is centered around a submersible pump located within the rainwater tank, which facilitates the movement of water through the treatment process. The treatment sequence employs two cartridge filters, one with a 5-micron rating and another with a 10-micron carbon filter, to ensure the removal of fine particulates and improve water quality. Additionally, a UV disinfection unit is integrated into the system to eliminate any microbial contaminants, providing further assurance of the safety and cleanliness of the reused water. An aeration system, complete with a diffuser in the rainwater tank and an air compressor on the rainwater side, is also incorporated to enhance water quality by introducing oxygen, which helps in reducing odors and promoting aerobic decomposition of organic matter.

The inclusion of both mechanical and biological treatment processes exemplifies a comprehensive approach to rainwater reuse, ensuring that the water is suitable for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing. The system’s design reflects a deep understanding of the need for reliable, efficient water treatment solutions in institutional settings. By adopting this system, the RCMP facilities are equipped with a state-of-the-art water reuse technology that not only meets their specific needs but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals. The strategic use of filtration, UV disinfection, and aeration demonstrates Cleanflo’s commitment to delivering high-quality water treatment systems that ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency.



The benefits of installing the Vida One Water Reuse system at the RCMP facilities in Ottawa are significant. Firstly, it enables substantial water savings by reducing the dependence on municipal water supplies for toilet flushing, thereby lowering water utility costs. The system’s advanced treatment processes, including filtration, UV disinfection, and aeration, ensure the provision of clean, safe water for reuse, aligning with health and safety standards. Furthermore, this initiative contributes to the RCMP’s environmental sustainability efforts, showcasing a commitment to innovative water management practices. By repurposing rainwater for non-potable use, the RCMP demonstrates leadership in environmental stewardship, setting an example for other organizations to follow in adopting sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the bottom line.

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