Residential Rainwater Harvesting – Consultation and Design

We offer professional design and consulting services for rainwater harvesting systems on residential projects. We specialize in rainwater harvesting systems that are used for irrigation, toilet, laundry, potable drinking water, fire suppression and stormwater detention.  Too often many rainwater harvesting systems are either not designed or under designed. Usually we see a few lines and circle drawn on the plans to account for a “designed” rainwater harvesting system, then it’s put on the builder or contractor to install!  Which does not even come close to a properly designed rainwater harvesting system.  Resulting in cost overruns or even cutting the rainwater harvesting system from the project all together from improper planning.

It all starts with a Great design! Save money and time!

Who Uses This Service?

    • Anyone who doesn’t know where to start!  Our design services allows you to have a “tender ready” rainwater design package so you can get quotes from your builder or contractors.  Or have Cleanflo handle the installation as well!
    • Homeowners who are building a new house!  Our designs will makes sure the system meets local building codes and is properly integration into your house/property. 

    • Architects and Engineers who are planning on designing a rainwater harvesting system into their project. 
    • Home builders or Contractors who have clients that want a rainwater harvesting system.

    Why Use Cleanflo?

    • Professional Designs
    • Opportunity to determine any roadblocks before installation
    • Designed to meet your water conservation needs
    • Accurate installation budget for the designed rainwater harvesting system 
    • We offer installation services to have you project complete by the design team!

    Rainwater Harvesting Services –  Residential  Projects

    Our goal is to design a rainwater system that both efficiently collects rainwater and that can be installed within your budget!   We can meet any design requirements and overcome any roadblocks that your project may face.

    “Tender Ready“ Design Packages For Residential Projects 

    Design packages will provide a straightforward and simple process of designing your rainwater harvesting system into your project and provide you Rainwater Plans.   The Rainwater Plans will allow you to install the system or give them to your home builder or contractor to install for you.

    • Basic Consultation  $45 / 30min
      • Discuss design ideas with a professional rainwater harvesting designer.
    • Tank Sizing – Potential Collection Calculations  $125
      • We use 55 years of daily rainfall data from one of 397 stations around canada, to create a hydrology model of your rainwater system. 
      • How much Useable Rainwater will your roof, rainfall, tank size and water demand provide?  This forms the basis for determining Return on Investment.
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    • Irrigation Rainwater System Design – $395
      • One digital file
      • Rainwater tank sizing
      • Roofing plan
      • Downspout details
      • Tank details
      • Elevation plan
      • Pipe graph
      • Schematic of system
    • Toilet , Laundry and Outdoor Chores Rainwater System Design – $695
      • Everything from the irrigation design
      • Water treatment design
      • Interior Plumbing to designated fixtures
    • Drinking Water Rainwater System Design – $995
      • Everything from the toilet and laundry design
      • Roof, Gutter and downpipe drinking water design 
      • Water treatment design for drinking water
      • Water Safety Plan
      • Interior Plumbing to all fixtures