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WISY 1 -1/4″ Floating Filter Suction


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The floating uptake floats on the surface with the intake point 100-150mm (4 – 6 inches) below the surface of the water. This is where water is the highest quality in the tank, any particles have either floated to the surface or settled to the bottom. The filter should never require maintenance, but it will still be accessible without entry into the tank. This component is made of stainless steel and polypropylene and will not leach to contaminate the water supply.

  • Standard type: spout 1 1⁄4”.
  • Filters out fine particulate matter when pumping rainwater from tanks.
  • A floating filter from Cleanflo is essential for every rainwater installation
  • Increases the safety of every rainwater installation through preventing sediment and foreign matter from being suctioned out of the cistern.

The floating filter consists of a polyethylene ball and stainless steel filter.  An optional 7 ft. length of food-grade suction hose and male thread to barb fitting for connection can be purchased..  The filter is available separately or as part of a kit for both submersible and booster pumps.

Filter mesh size: 1.2 mm (1200 microns)


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