University of Toronto: Schwartz Reisman Innovation

Schwartz Reisman Innovation - product info - Toronto, Ontario

Cleanflo took on a pivotal role in promoting sustainable water management at the University of Toronto’s Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre by installing two Vida One Water Reuse systems. Demonstrating their versatility in engineering solutions tailored to specific needs, Cleanflo designed these systems with simplicity and efficiency in mind, optimizing for a small footprint while ensuring functionality. The project emphasizes the principle of “fit for purpose,” focusing on rainwater reuse exclusively for irrigation. The first system, positioned on the 13th floor, incorporates a 2,000-gallon cistern to collect and repurpose rainwater for the building’s green roof. Meanwhile, the second system is located in P1 (the first underground parking level) and is dedicated to ground-level irrigation, showcasing Cleanflo’s ability to implement effective water reuse strategies across varying scales and applications within the same building.

The dual-system approach at the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre not only addresses specific irrigation needs but also highlights Cleanflo’s adaptability in creating water management solutions that are both simple and small in footprint. By designing these systems to serve distinct purposes—one for the green roof and another for ground-level irrigation—Cleanflo has ensured that each system operates efficiently within its intended scope. The project stands as a testament to Cleanflo’s commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation, proving that even the most straightforward systems can significantly impact water conservation efforts. Through strategic placement and purpose-driven design, these rainwater reuse systems effectively support the University of Toronto’s sustainability goals.



The benefits of implementing the Vida One Water Reuse systems at the University of Toronto are clear and impactful. By optimizing rainwater for irrigation, the university not only conserves valuable water resources but also reduces its environmental footprint. The targeted approach to sustainable water management supports the growth and maintenance of green spaces within the urban campus, enhancing both its ecological value and aesthetic appeal. These systems exemplify how tailored, purpose-driven solutions can contribute to sustainable urban development, showcasing the practical and environmental advantages of intelligent water reuse.

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