University of Toronto: Spadina-Sussex Student Residence

University of Toronto: Spadina-Sussex - projectinfo - rainwater harvesting system

At the University of Toronto Student Residence in Spadina-Sussex, a groundbreaking project is underway. It involves the installation of two Vida One Water Reuse systems by Cleanflo, one dedicated to the tower and another to the townhouse units. These systems are strategically designed to support irrigation efforts while showcasing Cleanflo’s dedication to sustainable water management solutions. Equipped with dual self-cleaning stainless steel filters and automatic backwash features, they ensure both efficiency and durability. Moreover, each system incorporates UV disinfection to guarantee the safety and quality of the water, making it ideal for the residence’s landscaping requirements. This innovative initiative underscores a deliberate move towards utilizing treated rainwater for non-potable purposes, thereby conserving precious potable water resources at the University of Toronto Student Residence.

As the project progresses, the design of these systems prioritizes meeting the unique irrigation needs of the University of Toronto Student Residence in Spadina-Sussex. A key feature is the addition of a compact treated water tank, boasting a capacity of approximately 225 US gallons. This tank guarantees a steady supply of treated water for the residence’s green spaces. Additionally, a reboosting function has been seamlessly integrated to boost water pressure, optimizing the distribution network throughout the property. This meticulous customization underscores Cleanflo’s expertise in tailoring sustainable water solutions to meet the specific architectural and operational requirements of the University of Toronto Student Residence, ensuring both effectiveness and environmental stewardship.



The anticipated benefits of implementing the Vida One Water Reuse systems at this residence are significant, promising to advance the University of Toronto’s commitment to sustainability. By leveraging treated rainwater for irrigation, the project aims to diminish the reliance on municipal water supplies, fostering water conservation and reducing the residence’s operational costs. The systems’ advanced filtration and disinfection processes are expected to deliver high-quality water,
contributing to the vitality of the residence’s landscaping while promoting an eco-friendly living environment. This project serves as a testament to the university’s dedication to sustainable practices, offering a model for responsible water usage and management within the academic community and beyond, and underscoring the practical and environmental advantages of innovative water reuse technologies

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