Vicwest Building Products, Ontario - product information

Cleanflo implemented a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system for Vicwest Building Products in Stratford, Ontario, showcasing their expertise in sustainable water management solutions. The system is a testament to innovative engineering, consisting of a prefilter for rainwater, a substantial storage tank, and the advanced Vida One Water Reuse system. This setup is designed to capture, store, and treat rainwater, making it suitable for various non-potable applications within the facility. The treatment process includes oxidation with chlorine and a contact tank, followed by sediment and carbon filtration, ensuring the water meets high standards of purity before use. This project represents a significant step forward in utilizing renewable water sources, reducing reliance on municipal supplies.

The system is engineered for autonomy and efficiency, featuring an automatic mechanism to replenish the rainwater tank with city water if levels drop below 15%, ensuring continuous operation without the need for frequent manual intervention. This level of automation allows Vicwest Building Products to maintain a consistent supply of treated rainwater, optimizing the facility’s water usage and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability. The seamless integration of this system into the building’s infrastructure highlights Cleanflo’s ability to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, promoting more responsible water management practices across the industrial sector.



The benefits of Cleanflo’s rainwater harvesting system at Vicwest Building Products are manifold, contributing significantly to the company’s sustainability and operational efficiency. By utilizing collected rainwater, Vicwest reduces its dependence on municipal water sources, leading to considerable cost savings and lessening the environmental impact of its operations. The system’s automation minimizes the need for manual oversight, ensuring a reliable supply of treated water with minimal labor. Furthermore, this initiative enhances Vicwest’s reputation as a leader in environmental stewardship, showcasing their investment in innovative technologies that support sustainable manufacturing processes. Overall, the project not only delivers immediate economic and environmental advantages but also sets a precedent for sustainable industrial practices.

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