Wades Hazenut farm - project information - Chermainus, British Columbia

Cleanflo has developed a specialized agricultural water management system for Wade’s Hazelnut Farm in Chemainus, BC, designed to optimize the growth of hazelnuts through efficient rainwater utilization. The system comprises four Rainseeker Maximus surge systems strategically placed around the main barn to collect rainwater. Each surge system is equipped with a prefilter and an integrated pump within the tank, engineered to activate and transfer water to the main storage unit as it fills. These main tanks consist of four 3,600 US gallon Rainseeker tanks, accumulating a total capacity of 14,400 US gallons. An advanced control system is in place to automatically halt the surge pumps when the main tanks are full, thus conserving electricity by preventing unnecessary pumping and ensuring efficient water storage management.

The irrigation of the hazelnut crops is meticulously managed through an automated system that schedules watering based on precise needs, further refined by dual filtration stages—100 micron and 50 micron—to safeguard the irrigation infrastructure from potential clogging or damage. Additionally, this comprehensive system is enhanced with two soil moisture sensors, tasked with monitoring the ground’s moisture levels. These sensors play a crucial role in determining the actual water requirements, activating the irrigation only when necessary to avoid overwatering and to ensure optimal soil conditions for hazelnut cultivation. This methodical approach to irrigation not only maximizes the use of collected rainwater but also aligns with sustainable farming practices by reducing water waste.



The implementation of Cleanflo’s agricultural water management system at Wade’s Hazelnut Farm offers a multitude of benefits, paramount among them being the significant enhancement of water efficiency and conservation in farming operations. By harnessing rainwater for irrigation, the farm drastically reduces its dependency on conventional water sources, leading to lower operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint. The system’s intelligent design, featuring automatic pumps, scheduled irrigation, and soil moisture monitoring, ensures that the hazelnut trees receive precise water amounts at optimal times, promoting healthier growth and potentially higher yields. Moreover, the practice of using filtered and efficiently managed rainwater for irrigation exemplifies an innovative approach to agriculture that prioritizes sustainability and resource conservation, setting a precedent for other farms to follow.

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