Below Floor In Basement Potable, Concrete Tank, 5000 USG

This Below Floor In Basement Concrete Tank system is designed to meet Canadian plumbing codes and CSA standards for rainwater harvesting CSA B805. The overall system design employs a multi-barrier approach to water quality. The first step is the pre-filter. The second step is the rainwater tank design. The third step is the water treatment system. Cleanflo systems are designed from “roof to tap” with attention to every detail of your rainwater harvesting system. When you purchase the complete system from Rainwater Collection Supply, it is part of a complete package that we will provide support for the life of the system via Email.

This rainwater harvesting system is designed as a primary source of water for potable purposes, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, toilets, and laundry. With a backup water source from hauled bulk potable water if the rainwater tank is empty. The system will provide water for water uses Tier: R4 – Potable Domestic.

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The Below Floor In Basement, Concrete Tank system will be harvesting rain from one building. The roof is provided by others and should be suitable for intended use.

Gutter, Downpipes and Conveyance Piping

The gutters, downpipes, and conveyance piping are sized based on specifications from the designs. They are provided by others and should be suitable for intended use.


The system will require one (1) pre-filter. These pre-filters operate as both a first flush diverter and pre-filter, with a filter mesh size of 320 microns. The full cross-section (pipe diameter) of the rainwater drainage system remains continuously open, and there are no reductions in the cross-section of this appliance in which dirt or water can collect.

Rainwater Tank / Cistern

This system will provide a total of 11,000 liters of rainwater storage, with a total of one (1) below-ground tank made of concrete pour in place. The tank will be poured into the building foundation by others. The rainwater tank is designed to provide safe storage of rainwater, which improves water quality because of its design and function. The calming inlet prevents agitation of settled fine dust, the skimming overflow removes floating particles, and the floating filter ensures water is drawn into the pump from approximately 150 mm (6.0″) below the surface of the water.

Water Pumping and Treatment System

Cleanflo determined the water demand to be 8 GPM at 60 PSI. This will be pumped by a multi-stage booster pump powered by VFD. The treatment will be three stages to ensure water is safe to use. Stage one is a sediment filter of 25 microns. Stage two is a 10-carbon filter. Stage three is a 5-micron sediment filter. Stage four is ultrafiltration membrane.

Water Quality and Treatment

Cleanflo designed this system to produce water that is safe for CSA B805 R4 uses; namely, potable domestic.


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