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WISY Downspout Rainwater Filter Polypropylene


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4” Round Top 

Available with an downspout adapter for 2″x3″ or 3″x4″ rectangular downspouts.

The WISY downspout rainwater pre filter connects to a single above ground vertical rainwater downspout and can filter rainwater from a roof area up to 1,600 sq. ft. 

This prefilter will divert 95% of rainwater to the rainwater tank or rain barrel complete clean and fresh.  The remaining 5% of rainwater and all the debris will be directed to the storm sewer or the ground.  This provides a self cleaning action to prevent debris build up on the screen.

Housing is made of UV resistant Polyethylene and filter insert is made of stainless steel. Filter mesh size is 0.28 mm (280 microns). 

Filter insert requires cleaning a few times a year and its dishwasher safe.

Kit includes: hose & tension ring, downspout converter kit
Optional Equipment: Blind insert for diversion

The downspout pre filter will require the screen to be completely wet before filtering rainwater and directing it to the rainwater tank or rain barrel. This will provide a first flush action, allowing all of the initial flow or rainwater to pass by the screen and divert away from the rainwater tank. 

This filter should only be used with round downspouts or with a converter kit providing at least 20” of vertical round pipe above the filter.  It can be installed in vertical metal or plastic downspouts.

If the filter is installed at the high water level of the rainwater tank or rain barrel,  then the downspout filter provides overflow protection and diversion when the collection tank is full. 


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