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RainSeeker Barrel 1000



Rain Barrel Canada 1000 Liters, which is a complete rainwater collection system.   The Canada Rain Tank or Drum is design to install on to any house or building in Canada and the rainwater can be used for irrigation andcab be also used for outdoor chores.  Precipitation can be collected and reused easier then ever.  Boosting a 4″ inlet and 4″ overflow connection.

This paragraph will explain how the rainwater collection system works and what is included in the system.  Firstly, the barrel is made of food grade polyethylene and is protected by a 10 year warranty.  If drained of water and is empty this tank can be placed outside all winter in Canada without deforming.   Secondly, the rainwater pre filter is built into the rain barrel for an easy installation.   The rainwater pre filter will filter the rainwater to 440 microns providing the cleanest rainwater available in Canada.  Third, the high water overflow is built into the rainwater tank and will prevent the rain barrel from overflowing.   Lastly the rain barrel offers a cedar wrap option to give a rustic look to the rain barrel.   Only available in Canada.

RainSeeker Barrel Includes:

1. Rainseeker Barrel 1000 L (270 USG) (29″ W X 47″ L X 66″ H)

2. Rainwater Prefilter (Built Into the  Rainwater Barrel)

3. Rain Barrel Lid 8.0″

4. Rain Barrel hose connection, ball valve 1.0″  X QTY 2

5. Shipping Free (Pick up in Local City)

6. Optional Cedar Wrap



Looking for installtion contact Cleanflo Water Technoliges.



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