Residential Design Subscriptions

Upgrade and Simplify Your Rainwater Harvesting System with Cleanflo’s Monthly Subscription!

With this subscription you will gain access to a catalog of Cleanflo’s residential designs packages which are real world examples of systems Cleanflo has successfully shipped. Experience the ultimate convenience with access to Cleanflo’s design catalog of premier rainwater harvesting systems.

You can access our design catalog to find a system that is similar to your project and you can either build the design directly or you can adapt our design for your project site. If you would like a custom design using one from the catalog as a template we also offer that service.

In addition to our design catalog, we offer many of the system components and accessories on our online store, and we aim to list every part soon. And the best part? We ship anywhere in Canada!

Upgrade your rainwater harvesting system today and experience the Cleanflo difference. Join our monthly subscription program now!

Subscribe Monthly – $25

Pay monthly to gain access to the design catalog.

Subscribe Yearly – $250

Pay for a full year of access for a 15% discount $300 $250.