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HDPE Underground Rainwater Tank


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HDPE underground Rainwater Tank is for Underground Use ONLY!

Clean-Flo’s HDPE underground Rainwater tanks are produced with food grade polyethylene and provide suitable storage for potable (drinking) water.


  • Ships Rainwater tanks anywhere in Canada!! Contact Us Today
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • HDPE Undergroumd Rainwater tank Will not rust, rot, or corrode
  • 100% Watertight – Single piece construction
  • Mosquito and Insect proof
  • Most economical rainwater storage solution.
  • Made of polyethylene of food grade quality.
  • Complete, safe, reliable rainwater harvesting tank
  • Installation service of HDPE underground Rainwater tank available across Canada contact CLEANFLO WATER TECHNOLOGIES to find your local installer.

the underground tank is much lighter and easier to transport than concrete and can handle impact much better than fiberglass. The new 10,000 gallon below ground tank is NSF-61 certified for drinking water and doesn’t require special liners or coatings like other storage technologies. Applications include: storm water retention, rainwater harvesting, sewage and more. Features include: generous fitting flats to accommodate large piping as well as lifting lugs for easy transport and tank installation.

HDPE tanks and plastic liners must be constructed of materials that are at least of food-grade standard and if the water is to be used for human consumption the plastic material must actually comply with the requirements of potable-water standard. 

Available in 1 color: BK =Black.


Model US Gallon Liters Lid Size Dimensions Max Burail (Top of Tank) Cost
RT1000 1060 4012 24” X 2 62″ W, 133″ L, 51”H 72” $3974.00
RT1500 1500 5678 24” X 2 62″ W, 177″ L, 51”H 72” $4425.00



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